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Comprehensive Event Production, Planning & Management

Staging & Stageline Rentals


Kennedy presents an array of staging solutions to accommodate any type of performance. Our mobile stages with roofs travel on wheels and are pre-engineered, which simplify if not negate the need for permitting. Boasting a flawless safety record, such stages like our Stageline SL100 can be set up in a fraction of the time of traditional outdoor roof systems.


We also offer a full line of portable modular riser stage decks. We primarily  recommend the Staging Concepts SC-90 due to its impressive load and fire rating. Systems like these can be built into any configuration and size. Featuring a full complement of frames, railing, stairs, and skirts we are prepared to handle any size stage. And don’t be afraid to get creative; we love a challenge!


Live Concert PA Sound Equipment


With tens-of-thousands of shows under our belts we have fine-tuned the art of providing a “realistic” approach to sound reinforcement. We are never tempted to push the new best thing (unless it is truly right for your event). We understand where sound needs to be heard, and sometimes more importantly where it should not.

Stage and Event Lighting


From the most practical use of providing work light to elaborate theatrical and architectural lighting, nothing enhances the look of your event more than lighting. With an arsenal of conventional ellipsoidals and ParCans to the newest in intelligent moving and LED lights, we'll help you shine.


Backline and Instrument Rental


As your full-service event production firm, Kennedy offers a full complement of state-of-the-art band gear. Look to us for everything such as drum sets, guitar and bass amps, keyboards and Latin percussion. Adding a backline package to your event simplifies band turn-overs to make your event run more smoothly.


Portable Event Power Rental


None of this works without power. We provide generators of every size. We can provide single units that can power your entire site to our most popular item the super quiet Honda eu3000.  All of our generators are the quietest in their class. We also provide an extensive supply of power distribution that can power your whole site in addition to the stage. 

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